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Guanajuato is a state in the central highlands of Mexico. It shares its name with its capital city, Guanajuato, Guanajuato. Guanajuato means "hill of frogs" in the local indigenous language, because the local Tarascan Indians believed that the frog represented the god of wisdom. After central Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico coast, Guanajuato Guanajuato Mexicowas one of the first areas of Mexico colonized by the Spanish, in the 1520s, for its rich silver deposits. Guanajuato's mines are still among the richest-producing silver mines in the world. The state also produces tin, gold, copper, lead, mercury, and opals. Guanajuato also leads the nation in shoe production and various farm products such as lettuce and potatoes. Main export products include motor vehicles and auto parts, footwear, leather goods, chemicals, electric machinery and materials, fruits and vegetables. Guanajuato’s colonial architecture is very well preserved along with over 35 old churches in its capital alone, and is very European in nature. Guanajuato is the home state of Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox Quesada, and famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera....
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Cities in Guanajuato Mexico

Cities in Guanajuato

In addition to the state capital city of Guanajuato, the state includes the city of San Miguel de Allende; a historic town founded in 1542 that has become an attractive tourist destination for wealthy Mexico City residents and has a large American and Canadian expatriate community comprised primarily of retirees...
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Attractions in Guanajuato

Guanajuato Basilica Cathedral
For the sophisticated visitor, there is nothing like Guanajuato's international cuisine, its splendid bazaars with their antiques, arts and crafts, not to mention the numerous art galleries. San Miguel is a site of intense artistic activity, with annual musical events ranging from Jazz festivals to Chamber Music in the central square...
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Restaurants & Nightlife in Guanajuato

Food in Guanajuato
Guanajuato lies in the center of the Republic and, as well as its cultural wealth, is also famed for its cuisine. Throughout the whole state, the visitor can find an exquisite variety of dishes. There are numerous bars and discos of national and even international renown...
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Guanajuato Lodging

Hotels in Guanajuato Mexico
Guanajuato has a large number of hotels in the three-to-five-star range, most hotels are equipped with event rooms with enough space to cater for practically any need, as well as excellent tourist services giving friendly advice on event organization...
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