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Putting a Lime in Mexican Beers

Home >> Restaurant and Nightlife Directory >> Mexico Drinks >> Beer in Mexico >> Limes in Mexican Beer
Limes in BeerThe original intent of putting a wedge of lime in a Corona bottle was for the purpose of using it to disinfect the rim of the bottle. Another popular explanation for this tradition is that coating the rim of the bottle with a lime kept flies from landing on it, which is undesirable for patrons. Another story was that when Corona first introduced ther beer to the US market it had very poor sales, the sales department revamped there marketing campaign by adding a lime to the beer and subsiquently the sales took off. These are merely rumors and can not be proved.
It is common in Europe, the United States and Canada for Corona to be served with a slice of lime in the neck. This practice is less common in Mexico itself, outside of areas frequented by tourists. However, beer-lime combinations such as the Chelada and the Michelada are popular in Mexico.
In Japan and Korea, slices of lemon are widely used in place of lime slices because limes are not widely available and are quite expensive in East Asia.

In 1998, Eurocermex began trying to register the image of a clear bottle with a slice of lime in the neck as a community trade mark, but on the 30th of June 2005, the European Court of Justice rejected it as indistinctive.
The outline of a bottle with a slice of lime can be seen in Corona POS Merchandise, as well as the European Corona website. Interestingly, there are no images of bottles with limes in the American Corona website or the Mexican Corona website.

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