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Founded on 14 March 1903, Mexicali is a sister city of Calexico, California, which lies directly across the US border. The link is emphasizedMexicali Mexico by the way each city's name combines the words "California" and "Mexico. Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja California, Mexico as well as the capital of the municipality of Mexicali. Situated along the state's northern border with the U.S state of California, Mexicali is the northernmost city in Latin America. Mexicali, Mexico has a population of approximately more than 900,000 habitants and is constantly growing due to the number of Maquiladoras in the area. Mexicali has grown to be an important city in Mexico. Many immigrants who come from all over the country come to Mexicali in search of the American Dream and cross illegally, but many don't succeed and end up staying in Mexicali where they later on find a job. Mexicali is also the only capital city that lies directly on the border with the United States…
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Bull Fighting in Mexicali

Attractions in Mexicali

Mexicali is actually a business place, however you can visit and enjoy one of Mexicali’s best spectacles: bullfight, where you will be amazed at the skill of the Matador, and how he manipulates the bull. Mexicali also has an eighteen hole golf course that is open year round…
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Mexicali Events and Festivals

Plaza Calafia Bull Ring
Mexicali Baja California is more of a busy business town, however there are still events and festivals that do take place. Some of the major events that take place in Mexicali are the bullfights at Plaza Calafia. There are also golf tournaments that involves local to International participants as well as off road races that are held outside of the city...
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Mexicali Restaurants

Mexicali Restaurants
Mexicali has also the largest Chinatown, called La Chinesca, and the largest number of overseas Chinese in Mexico. Some of the best Chinese food in Mexico is found in Mexicali along many boulevards, there is other delicacies as well...
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Mexicali Lodging

Hotel in Mexicali
Most of Mexicali's hotels are all mostly located along Mexicali's main Blvd. Benito Juarez, Mexicali offers economy lodging to fit almost any budget, as well as 5 star hotels...
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