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Flag of mexicoThe flag of the United Mexican State or Mexico was first introduced in 1821 as a basic green, white, and red tricolor with a crowned royal eagle as a coat of arms in the central white stripe. In 1823 the Mexican coat of arms, which represents the 1325 founding of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán (on the site occupied by the country's modern capital, Mexico City), was added in the center white stripe.
The coat of arms has changed several times since then, reflecting the historical period and type of government. The present official design was adopted by decree in 1968. It is just slightly different than the previous one and it was redesigned to be more beautiful.
The colors used in the Mexican Flag have had different meanings according with the tradition, but nowadays they represent from left to right, green for Hope, white for Life and red for the Blood of the Heroes. These colors make this flag similar to the Italian Flag however the green color in the Flag of Mexico is a darker tone and of course the coat of arms.
Flag Day is celebrated in all Mexico on February 24.