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The Mexican state of Puebla is located in the center of the country, to the east of Mexico City. It shares its name with its capital and main city, Puebla. Founded in 1531 by the Spanish, Puebla Mexico for years was the most importantPuebla Mexico city in the country because of its location on the trade route between Veracruz and Mexico City. Puebla is the most European looking state in the country, because the city was designed from the ground up based on traditional Spanish city planning and influenced by baroque elements. Puebla is a mountanous highly industrial community, however Puebla Mexico has preserved its collection of 17th and 18th century European Architecture and art. Puebla has become one of the more popular destinations to learn Spanish while emersing yourself in the culture. The historic center of the city still contains much Spanish Colonial architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In recent years some of the historical buildings have been restored while others, however, are in a state of disrepair....
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Cholula in Puebla

Cities in Puebla

Known as the City of Angels, Puebla, a World Heritage Site, lies 136 km ( 84 mi) from Mexico City  . Puebla has some 5,000 colonial buildings, which are mostly baroque edifices built during the 16 th century. The Cathedral is one of the most notable examples of this city’s beautiful architecture...
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Attractions in Puebla

Puebla Cathedral
Puebla Mexico has numerous attractions. Puebla has archaeological zones such as Yohualinchan and Cholula, which are active volcanoes. Puebla is also famous for famous for its churches, natural sites for camping and playing outdoor sports, spas and recreational centers...
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Restaurants & Nightlife in Puebla, Mexico

Restaurants in Puebla
Puebla cuisine is a blend of Spanish and Oriental flavors and spices. Puebla was the state that produced mole, a sauce that has become famous throughout Mexico as well as internationally. Puebla also offers a variety of different nightclubs and discos...
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Puebla Lodging

Puebla Hotels
Puebla offers hotels that vary between economy all the way to 5 star resort accommodations. Some of the Hotels in Puebla have a colonial feel that will take you back to how Mexico once was...
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