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Taxco pronounced "tahss-ko" is an antique colonial silver-mining center located in the northern reaches of the Mexican state of Guerrero. It is located some 200 km southwest of Mexico Taxco along the old highway to Acapulco. Taxco MexicoThe word "taxco" comes from the nahuatl language and means "ballgame place". Taxco is known as Mexico’s premier “silver cities” because it is rich with old and new silver mines. Even though silver mining had been the main commercial activity of Taxco since colonial times, it is no longer considered a profitable activity, and the Taxco is better known for its traditional silverwork. The main plaza is lined with hundreds of silver shops, which attracts tourism throughout the year. Taxco is built on the side of a mountain 5,000 feet above sea level, the city offers wonderful views from all around. The town itself is made up of steep narrow cobblestone streets lined by whitewashed houses with red-tiled roofs. Taxco Mexico is also renowned for its more than 200-year-old baroque-style church, the Santa Prisca Cathedral, located in the middle of the city and is considered one of the most picturesque and pleasant towns in Mexico....
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Taxco Teleferico

Taxco Attractions

Taxco Mexico is renowned for its more than 200-year-old baroque-style church, the Santa Prisca Cathedral. If you want to take pictures or to get a better view of Taxco you can always take a cable car ride (Teleferico) leading to the top of the tallest hill overlooking the city....
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Taxco Activities

Taxco shopping
Taxco;s main activity and attraction is silver. Taxco was once a leading silver mining town, and in 1928 the Mexican government made the silver mines a national monument. There are literally hundreds of silver shops in Taxco's two major areas, that are both located along the highway and around Plaza Borda...
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Taxco Restaurants

Food in Taxco
Taxco offers a wide variety of dishes that are prepared with various different ingredients of indigenous origin, such as corn, squash and frijoles (beans). The Guerrero style Pozole is a local favorite. Also the restaurants in Taxco are less expensive than in Alcapulco...
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Taxco Lodging

Taxco Hotel
There are several places to stay at while visiting Taxco. In the city nestled in the hills you will find quant small inns, or if you want to find high end accommodations there are several nice hotels located on the outskirts of the main town. There are also several vacation rentals ...
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